Monday, November 01, 2010

Indian Food Spices

Get Moving—cooking with Indian spices is now easy!

Yes, indulging in such over-embellished adaptations of Indian cuisine isn't a bad idea if you are a less-than-occasional consumer of Indian cuisine. However, if you are a foodie and getting a taste of the real Indian flavour is your priority, then it is advised to get a basic grip on handling Indian Masalas (spices). The advantages of this approach are multi-fold, i.e. from a financial and gastronomic perspective. Once you understand the wide range of Indian spices and how each spice is catered towards to a particular type of cooking, you will gradually develop an insight into how exhaustive, almost mind-boggling, are the flavouring permutations that can be created with a handful of some basic, Indian spices.

Make your meals cheaper but tastier
Secondly, the recession hasn't been too kind to us and dining out on a sustained basis is bound to take its toll. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to develop a cooking habit and get hold of some cooking aids, like packaged Indian chutneys/masalas. With the help of these spice blends/pastes, an exotic meal can be prepared in an undemanding manner. Many of the internationally-styled Indian takeaways have also started selling ready-to-use spice pastes. However, you should understand that most of these packages spices tend to have a hangover of being overloaded with other, synthetic ingredients. Perhaps, the ideal choice would be to locate a retailer of Indian spices dedicated to supplying spices for household use.

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