Thursday, November 24, 2011

Medu Vada Recipe

Medu vada is the part of Indian breakfast that is especially prepared in the southern part of India. They are fitters that are prepared with Urad pulse and relished along with chutney or sambar. It is not inevitable to take medu only in breakfast rather you can make it the part of your dinner and supper as well.

It has very good nutritious value as its nutrition facts show that its 66g has 240 calories. Its 66g has Sodium 232mg, Saturated Fat 4g, Total Carbohydrate 16g, Cholesterol 0mg, Dietary Fiber 2g, Total Fat 18g, Protein 6g, Sugars 1g, Protein 9.6%, Carb 25.6% and Fat 64.8%.
This breakfast recipe can be ready within 20-30 minutes however pulse's soak takes 5-6 hours. When pulse is completely ready, cooking does not consume much time. The mentioned quantity of medu will allow you to prepare 15 vadas only, but if you want to get more, increase the quantity of ingredients.

  • Black gram (One cup, split)
  • Water (half cup use during the grinding)
  • Salt (according to taste)
  • Oil (use for deep frying)
  • Green chilies (finely diced, according to taste)
  • Asafoetida (one pinch)
  • Black pepper (finely ground, according to taste)
  • Ginger (one teaspoon, finely diced)
Method of cooking
  1. Take big plate, pour the desired quantity of black gram in it and remove all the impurities like stone from it. Wash it and soak it in some bowl. Put sufficient water in which pulse is completely soaked. Leave the gram pulse dip into water for at least 5-6 hours.

  2. Now after 6hours, drain water of pulse and put it in grinder. If you add little water along with pulse in grinder, it will be easy for you to grind it and get creamy fine paste.

  3. Take a bowl and with the help of spoon empty the grinder in it. Then, add Asafoetida, Green Chilies, Black Pepper and Salt.

  4. Beat the batter along with all the spices. Your spoon beating will make batter fluffy and light that is what you need.

  5. Pour the oil in pan and heat it. Mind it, the flame should not high rather medium.

  6. Wet your palm and put small portion of batter on it.

  7. Create a little hole in the middle of vada. You can use thumb for this purpose.

  8. Carefully slip the vada into heated oil. Do the same with the rest of batter.

  9. When one side gets brown color, change the side and let the other also be brown.

  10. Paper towel a plate and put all the deep fried vada in it. Paper towel is best absorbent of oil without leaving any harmful impact on food.

  11. Chutney or sambar doubles the taste of vada. Therefore, serve them with chutney or sambar.
Try this recipe, you would really enjoy it.

Health tip
In this recipe, your hands are involved directly as you use your palm to shape the vada, therefore, you should take well care of your hands while cook. Wash your hands properly before cooking.

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