Sunday, November 06, 2011

Puri recipe

Most of the Indian cuisines consist of spicy and fried recipes. In this part of India, staple food of people is wheat. They use wheat in various dishes by bringing variations in it. There are number of dishes that have wheat however puri and roti are at the top of the list. Puri is very special food that is served with other dishes like chick pea curry and potato curry. It is really an art to make puri with perfection.

Puri is very nutritious food and its nutrition facts tell us that one puri has 112.05 calories. It has Monounsaturated Fat 1.3g, Potassium 67.63mg (2%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Dietary Fiber 1.91g (8%), Polyunsaturated Fat 1.19g, Total Carbohydrate 16g (5%), Sodium 226.29mg (9%), Saturated Fat 1.69g (8%), Protein 2.62g (5%), Alcohol 0g, Total Fat 4.49g (7%).

  • Chappati flour (two and a half cup)
  • Water at room temperature (almost one cup but not full)
  • Ghee for brushing the bread
  • Oil
Method of Puri Making
  1. Take two and a half cup of flour in a big and wide bowl and water in another bowl. Make a hole in the center of flour with your hand. Pour water with one hand and let your other hand twist and mix up the wet flour. Pour more water if needed. Knead the flour to get rough mass and keep on kneading till the entire flour in the bowl is infused together. You should pour the water slowly and in a small quantity or else it will form a watery paste that cannot be given puri form.

  2. You would get silky smooth and elastic dough in the result of well kneaded flour. To check if your dough is ready or not, push the dough with your finger, it will bounce back. Give it rest time to be ready completely by absorbing kneading and water.

  3. You should not disturb the dough at least for half hour. Cover the dough with some clean and wet cloth or else it will become hard and dry that causes resistance while rolling it.

  4. After one or half hour, knead again your dough to make it stiff enough to roll it properly without using dry flour.

  5. Now, make small round balls of dough. Mind it, you should not uncover them rather leave the wet cloth on it till the last puri.

  6. Take one dough ball, apply ghee over it and roll it in round form with the help of rolling pin. It should be 5-6 inches round.

  7. Roll out all the puries in the same way.

  8. Pour oil in very deep sauce pan and heat it properly.

  9. If the oil is heated according to need, put one puri in it and keeps on flickering the oil on it till it swells well.

  10. Change the side of puri so that both the sides are equally brown. You should take it out when it turns into golden brown color.

  11. Your puri is ready that you can serve with your favorite vegetable or chicken curry.

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