Monday, July 09, 2012

Dosa Batter Recipe

Dosa is a very crispy pancake that is the staple food of South India. This dish is not limited to one part of India rather it is enjoyed all over the India. Dosa is a special restaurant dish that is frequently ordered by food lovers.

It is very simple recipe with few numbers of ingredients. It is easy to cook however it takes more time than other dishes as its preparation time is twelve hours and cooking time is five minutes. If you ready dosa batter in the night time, its cooking takes no time as you can prepare it only within five minutes.

The mentioned quantity of ingredients can prepare dosa for twenty people.
  • Rice (three cups)
  • Urad daal (one cup, split, skinless)
  • Fenugreek seeds (three by four teaspoon)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Oil (Vegetable or sunflower cooking oil)
  1. Separate the impurities from urad daal and rice and wash them. Take a large bowl, fill it with water and soak urad daal and rice in it. The water should cover at least two inches of bowl's bottom. Put fenugreek seeds in the same mixture and let them untouched for the whole night.

  2. Next morning, stain the water from the bowl and take out one part of this mixture. Put this part of mixture into grinder. Pour very little quantity of water in the grinder to make the mixture a smooth paste. It should not be watery rather you need grainy paste.

  3. Remove the ground mixture into some bowl and add such quantity of water that could form thick batter.

  4. Sprinkle salt just for taste sake and put this mixture at some warm place for eight hours. After eight hours, stir the batter.

  5. Take a bowl and pour some oil in it. Make the folds of paper towel, dip in oil and brush the frying pan with oily paper towel. Turn on the stove keeping the flame medium.

  6. Use some deep ladle to lift up the dosa batter. Start dripping the batter from the middle of the pan and keep dripping till the entire batter in the ladle finishes. Move the pan in circular motion to give batter spread circular shape.

  7. When the batter occupies the entire space of pan, you should brush the oil on all over the surface of dosa.

  8. After few seconds, you would feel that the upper side of dosa has cooked and changed its color then you should change its side and allow the other side cook for one minute.

  9. Your dosa dish is ready however it needs more thirty seconds to cook properly.

  10. The taste of this dish can be savored fully with chutneys as coconut and gunpowder chutneys. It is preferred to serve hot however you can relish it too after few hours of preparation.
You should remember that after each dosa you need to cool down the frying pan or else every next dosa will break down. To cool down the temperature of pan, rub cool towel paper in it.

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