Monday, July 05, 2010

Gobi Paratha Recipe

Gobi ka Paratha (Cauliflower stuffed Indian bread)

Gobi ka Paratha is one of the popular dishes of Paratha that is available in India. This is otherwise called the Cauliflower stuffed Indian Bread.
The ingredients needed to prepare this dish are:
• Atta (Whole wheat flour) - 4 cups
• Gobi (Cauliflower) - 2 cups grated
• Green chilies - 2 chopped
• Ginger - 1 inch chopped
• Coriander leaves - as you need
• Red Chilly power - as per your taste
• Salt - as per your taste
• Garam masala - as per your taste
• Oil - as you need.

Add warm water to little by little to the Atta and make dough. Make small balls out of that dough (lemon size) and press them to make roti (chapattis) out of it. Make two rotis. Now mix the grated cauliflower, garam masala, salt, green chilies, coriander leaves, and chilly powder in a bowl. Place two or three spoons of this mix to one of the roti and spread this mix on it. Place another roti on top of it and seal the sides and press them again with a roll. Heat a pan and cook this Roti by adding oil to it. Cook in slow heat until golden brown. Turn it to the other side and cook that side too. Add oil to that side too. When golden brown remove from heat and serve with any of your favorite dish like onion raitha or any chutney.

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