Thursday, July 01, 2010

Indian Cooking Spices

Spices to ease your health-food worries

It is worth highlighting that among the wide array of flavoring agents and culinary add-ons that are becoming increasingly visible in the contemporary marketplace, spices are perhaps the safest, most sanitized entity. For starters, Indian spices are often highlighted as organic food ingredients since the scope for contaminating them with unwanted toxic compounds is negligible.

Most spices are sold in the powdered or crushed format wherein each such packaged spice is a ground form of a specific, dried plant (or specific parts of a plant). Since the aroma exuding from the spice defines its effectiveness in flavoring the food to the extent of tantalizing the taste-buds, the general norm is to allow such plants to grow in an environment free from agricultural or industrial practices that can neutralize this sough-after feature. This indirectly ensures that spices are amongst the most uncontaminated form of aromatic, flavoring ingredients.

While the synthetic flavoring agents might be easier-to-maneuver from a measuring perspective, they don't perform too well in terms of contributing towards holistic healing habits. In comparison, most Indian spices serve the purpose of gratifying the palate and contributing effectively towards a healthier existence. Those who have followed the realm of Ayurvedic medicine would realize that for centuries, various spices have been used in India for the purpose of revitalizing the human body in a subtle, safe but sustained manner.

In terms of the health benefits, spices contribute much more than stimulating the appetite or momentarily uplifting the awareness levels that is often attributed to the sharp, 'tangy' effect of many Indian spices. Turmeric, one of the most prevalent Indian spices, has been engaging international attention for its ability to fight free radicals responsible for fastening the ageing process and as an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Similarly, cloves are a rich source of Eugenol and natural flavonoids that are amongst the most sought-after of anti-oxidants among over-the-counter health supplements.

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