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Kachori Recipe

It is said that kachori belongs to the northern areas of India. Kachori is prepared in various ways or with different fillings. The variation in the recipe occurs due to vegetarians and meat lovers. Indian vegetarian only prepare kachori with spices and vegetables but in Pakistan it is made with chicken or minced meat filling and served with various items like chutney, yogurt and Halwa.

It is originally Rajasthani dish that is served with tea as an appetizing snack. Different fillings give kachori different flavor. However, there is a recipe that makes your kachori khasta and mouthwatering.

Kachori Ingredients
This recipe consumes one hour and fifteen minutes and the mentioned quantity of ingredients here helps you to prepare 7 to 10 kachoris. However, the quantity can be reduced or increased according to the number of eaters.
  • Rice flour [1 tablespoon]
  • Oil [2tablespoon]
  • Maida [1cup]
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt [according to taste]
  • Cold water for kneading the flour
  • 1 cup maida (all-purpose flour)
Filling Ingredients
  • Dal moong yellow [quarter cup]
  • Let it be soaked for almost three hours then drain it and finely ground.
  • Urad dal [quarter cup]
  • Let it be soaked for almost three hours then drain it and finely ground.
  • Salt [according to taste]
  • Besan [1tablespoon]
  • Amchur [a full pinch]
  • Garam masala [a pinch]
  • Paste of ginger and green chilli [one teaspoon]
  • Powdered red chilli [half teaspoon]
  • Fennel powder [a full pinch]
  • Oil [half tablespoon]
  • Hing [one pinch]
  • Powdered coriander [half teaspoon]
  • Cumin powder [one by fourth part of teaspoon]
Preparation Method
  • Prepare a powdery mixture of salt, oil, maida and rice flour. Mix this mixture with water to form dough and shape balls of this dough. Leave this mixture covered with wet clean cloth for 20 minutes.
  • Meanwhile the dough takes time to be prepared; you can make its filling. Pour oil into heated pot, add asafetida and grounded cumin seeds and let them be brown. As soon as cumin seeds turn brown, add and sauté spice powders, besan and the paste of green chilli and ginger. At this stage, add finely ground dal and fry for 7-8 minutes then turn off the stove.
  • Your filling is completely ready so go back to dough and roll the puri (that should not be too thick or thin) with rolling pin. Put one tablespoon of filling right in the middle of dough and close the edges at the center to form the ball again. You should not uncover these kachori balls until you fry them or else they will become stiff.
  • Kachoris need deep frying so take deep frying pan to heat the oil. When the oil is heated, slow down the flame and put the dough balls carefully in it. Change the side when one side turns light brown. Take them out if they are deeply fried. You should not put more than two kachori balls in oil for better frying.
  • Put them on absorbent paper to remove extra oil. Never use newspaper because it is not good for your health.
How to make your kachori more alluring
To make your kachori mouthwatering and appetizing, make a hole in the middle of it and add one tablespoon of imli chutney, green chutney and yogurt. Sprinkle diced onion, powdered cumin and chili powder. Serve these hot kachoris with tea.

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