Monday, September 12, 2011

Cumin powder

Cumin is a flowing plant that is found frequently in East India. Cumin seeds are finely ground and used in foods. It is not only the spice of Indian cuisines but it also gives flavor to the foods of other cultures also.

Cumin is hand harvested herb that is usually 30-50cm tall. It is yellowish brown plant with 5-10 cm long leaves and thread-like leaflets. It has the flowers of pink or white color that gives the fruit with single seed of oblong shape, yellow-brown in hue, long and ridged. These dried seeds of cumin herbs are collected, ground, made the powder of them and used as spice in the cuisines.

History of cumin powder
Syria and Egypt are the oldest countries of the world that have been found using the cumin seeds. So, the history of cumin powder is as old as these countries are. In Middle Ages, Europe lost their taste for cumin powder, except Malta and Spain. Cumin was brought to America by Portuguese and Spanish colonists.

Now it is gaining fame again among the European countries and other part of the world like Mexico, Morocco, Tajikistan, India, Iran, Chile, Uzbekistan, Syria, Turkey and Egypt. These countries are not only using cumin but also growing its plant frequently.

Interesting Historical Importance of Cumin
In Middle Ages, cumin was believed to have a power to keep the lover and chickens from wandering. It was also considered the guarantee of newly wedded groom and bride's happy life so they were advised to keep cumin throughout their wedding function.

Uses of cumin
The spices of India are used and liked almost throughout the world. Cumin is one of these spices that are frequently used in the cuisines of France, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Cuba, Nepal, etc. It is usually used in cheese formation.

Cumin powder as a Medicine
Cumin like many other spices is used as a medicine for various purposes like its tea is taken to separate real labor from false labor due to gas trouble.

If you toast cumin seeds and boil them to have its tea, you will get rid of many stomach disorders. The combination of cumin powder with rock salt and asafetida is best medicine for indigestion and stomach pain. Cumin is also renowned for improving blood circulation and relieving the retention of fluids. Its usage is equally useful for muscle pain, arthritis, headaches and stiffness.

Nutritional Value
It has great percentage of iron so; the people with iron deficiency can use it to get energy. It can also be used as food supplement.

Cumin powder is used in different foods
Its aroma instigates the hunger with its unique smell and due to its instigating property it is used in different gravies and curries. Cumin seeds or powder is also used in chutneys, curries and pickles to flavor them. It changes the taste of every dish and makes it more pleasing and appetizing. You can also sprinkle it on every food and for this purpose you should mix cumin powder with pepper powder and put on your dining table at meal times.

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