Monday, October 24, 2011

Badam Burfi

There are hundreds of sweets which are made in Indian kitchens. All of them represent the spirits to celebrate and happiness. The main ingredient of these sweets is khoya (milk cheese), however many can also be made without it such as badam (almond) burfi. Dry fruits are the life of sweets which are used in nearly every recipe. Badam (almonds) burfi is a delicious quickly made sweet. You can make it from very basic ingredients available at home and enjoy any occasion of happiness with it.

  • One cup almonds in their original form (soaked in water for 30 minutes)
  • One third cup of milk
  • One cup or more or less sugar
  • Quarter teaspoon cardamom powder (ilaichi powder)
  • Two tablespoons of ghee
Preparation Process: Peel off the skin of soaked almonds and grind them with little milk to form a thick paste. Add in it sugar and mix well. Heat the ghee and pour over it sugar and almond’s mixture and cook it until it gets thick and leaves the side of the pan. Add cardamom powder, mix and pour the mixture over any greased square dish or steel pan and smooth its surface with butter knife. When the mixture gets warm, cut it in square shape and let it cool.

When cooled, take out the squares and serve them by sprinkling grounded almonds over them.

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indian food lover said...

I can say that Badam Burfi is one of the sweets that Indian's are famous of. It can match many Western sweets recipes because of its thick paste and sugar on it.