Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Puran Poli Recipe

On the birthday of gods especially Ganesha many dishes are prepared for celebrations like halwa and puri. There is good list of dishes that are included in birthday menu and puran poli is one these dishes. This dish belongs to Maharashtra.

This is very delicious and mouthwatering dish that can be prepared for four people in only forty five minutes. It is highly cherished by dessert lovers.

Nutrition facts of puran poli
One puran poli single piece having 117g serving size provides 349 calories. It has Saturated Fat 1g, Sodium 102mg, Total Fat 9g, Sugars 4g, Total Carbohydrate 57g, Cholesterol 0mg, Dietary Fiber 6g, Protein 10g, Carb 65.3%, Protein 11.5% and Fat 23.2%.

  • Chanapulse (one cup)
  • Jaggery(one cup)
  • Cardamom(one teaspoon)
  • Plain flour (one and half cup)
  • Turmeric(a pinch)
  • Wheat sooji (two teaspoons)
  • Oil(one teaspoon)
  • Salt(a pinch)
How to prepare
  1. Take channa pulse in describedquantity, remove impurities and wash it. Pour water in pressure cooker and cook it till becomes soft.

  2. When it is properly cooked, put in big strainer to drain the water. Mind it, that you have drained out all the cooked pulse water.

  3. After draining the channa pulse, put it back in the cooking pot, add jaggery in it. Cook both the ingredients for at least 10-12 minutes.

  4. After 10 minutes cooking, remove pulse from flame and grind it without pouring water in it. When it is grounded well, add cardamom in it and blend them well using your hand.

  5. Now add turmeric, sooji and salt in flour. Then, add oil and water and blend them to form smooth dough.

  6. Take some clean cloth, wet it and spread over the dough and keep it aside. Wet cloth will keep your dough smooth and soft. Leave the dough untouched for one hour.

  7. Make a dough ball and then flatten it with your hand. Put channa mixture in the middle of the dough. Prepare flat dough and then put thisdough circle over the first one. Press the corner of dough to seal the corners that are important to stop the channa come out of dough.

  8. Take a plastic paper, smear it with oil and put it aside. Roll the dough with rolling pin as you roll home made bread. Spread it on the oiled plastic paper that will not allow the dough to stick with the bottom.

  9. Heat tava and spread rolled dough over it. Fry the dough over tava. Remove it when it becomes golden brown.

  10. You can serve it with ghee or butter.
Things to know
  • If you want to make your dough soft and tastier, use milk to knead the flour.

  • You can use also Toor pulse with chana pulse that will make pooran polis soft.

  • Your chana pulse may become dry till its turn to use comes. Therefore, add rice flour in it to avoid dryness.

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