Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gulab Jamun Recipe

Gulab jamun is widely liked dessert of subcontinent. It is specially prepared in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka at certain celebrations like on wedding or religious festivals. It is also presentedas a dessert after meals. It is prepared with gulab jamum powder and khoya.

The word gulab jamun is derived from two different languages like gulab is word of Persian that means rosewater and jamun is Hindi word that is used for a fruit of gulab jamun shape and size. This dish belongs to Arab cuisins where it was prepared with rosewater syrup.

It is good source of protein however it should not be consumed frequently as it has good number of fat and cholesterol.

Things you need
  • Milk powder (three cups, dry)
  • Flour (self raising, one cup)
  • Milk (half cup)
  • Cream (thick, 200 grams)
  • Baking soda (three pinches)
  • Oil (for deep frying gulab jamun)
  1. Take a large bowl; add flour, baking soda, cream and half cup milk in it. Mix all the things well to form dough. Mind it; dough should be not too smooth or hard because in either case it would be difficult to give it ball shape. Slowly pour the milk with one hand and keep on kneading with other. When you achieve the desired thickness of dough, stop adding milk in it.

  2. While kneading you should manage the cream quantity that you are adding to keep the dough tight. Pour oil in pan and heat it on very low flame.

  3. Apply small quantity of oil on your hands and make balls of dough using your palm. The size of dough balls must not be bigger than cherry because they will swell up after frying due to baking soda.

  4. After few seconds, you would see that the balls will turn brown. As they change their color, put them in the syrup.

How to make Sugar Syrup
  • Green Cardamoms (two in number)
  • White Sugar (three cups)
  • Water (three cups)
  1. Take a deep pot and put sugar, green cardamom sand three cups of water. You can decrease the quantity of sugar if you like light sugar and also increase in case of liking heavy quantity of sugar. Cover the pot with lid and boil this mixture for 15 minutes. Leave hole sized gap so that steam come out and you could see the condition of it after each five minutes. Slow down the flame after 10 minutes when it starts to thicken. After 15 minutes, you will find the syrup thick then you should remove it from the flame.

  2. Let your syrup cool down little bit then put the fried gulab jamuns in this syrup. You can put them in the syrup for half an hour or leave them in it for a long time like for one whole day. You can preserve this dessert into the fridge for few days and can present whenever you want.

  3. Before presenting to your guests, garnish gulab jamuns with cahewnuts. They can be served with hot tea.

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