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Rasmalai Recipe

Rasmalai the favorite dish of East Indian was originated from Orissa. This delicious dessert is always served as the part of meal in eastern part of India. The family, who is the pioneer of rasgulla recipe, got the credit of this recipe too.

This dish is very important in India as they have religious association with it. It is specially prepared on the auspicious moment of Diwali. The enjoyment of this event is felt by relishing sweet rasmalai. The unique taste of this dish makes it famous among the people of every age. Sweet lovers really cherish it. It is very nutritious food.

  • Milk use for channa (four cups)
  • Sugar use for rasmali (four or four and a half tablespoon)
  • Milk use for rasmalai (three cups)
  • Lemon (juice)
  • Water (three cups)
  • Almonds, cardamom, saffron and pista
  • Sugar (one cup)
  1. Take a cooking pot, pour three cup milk in it and keep boiling till the one part of milk is evaporated.

  2. Take another pot, pour four cups of milk, squeeze lemon juice and keep on stirring it.

  3. Lemon will create the lumps or make precipitations of milk so drain it through some clean and light cloth.

  4. Squeeze the cloth nicely so that the excess water is properly drained.

  5. Pour three cups of water into pressure cooker and add sugar equal to one cup in it.

  6. Take out the channa that you have wrapped in the cloth and take out in some dish. Ground the channa finely and prepare almost 15-16 balls from this grounded material.

  7. Put all these balls in the pressure cooker and let them boil till your cooker whistles two times.

  8. While you are preparing balls, the milk that you have placed for rasmilai may get ready to use.

  9. Now add saffron, cardamom, almond, sugar and pista in it. Wait till it cools then put it aside.

  10. Open the cooker as it cools down. Take out the channa balls with the help of ladle or some spoon and put them in separate dish. These balls still have water in them so press them to drain the water.

  11. Add channa balls in cool milk.

  12. Put it in the fridge.

  13. Your dish is ready to serve to your guest.

Things to know
  • If you want more good taste, use fresh milk instead of canned or freezed.

  • Keep an eye on the milk for rasmilia also while you are preparing channa balls. Your ignorance may burn it and spoil the sugary taste that you relish while having it.

  • Never open the pressure cooker when it is emitting out steam in a great pressure rather you should wait till it cools down little bit. Open the lid when its steam is exhausted or else it may burst due to the high pressure of steam.

  • Do not press the channa so hard that it may break down.

  • Rasmalia gives full taste when it is chilled so give good time to this dish to be cooled down properly.

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