Friday, April 06, 2012

Coconut Water Recipe

The sweet tasting delicious coconut is found within the shell of young coconuts. Famous as beach drink, chilled coconut water gives a very soothing taste in summer. There are many benefits which are associated with drinking coconut water. It is very low in fat as it contains only 1% fat, low carbohydrates and low sugar contents. Thus you can drink it without any fear of putting on the weight. Those who have stone problem or stomach diseases than they must intake this water regularly. Other diseases cured by coconut water are related with immune system, diabetes, flu, herpes and AIDS. Many delicious drinks are made by mixing coconut water with other juicy ingredients. Down is the recipe of a quick-made smoothie which you can enjoy in breakfast or with supper.

  • Three quarter cup of coconut water
  • Half cup of strawberries
  • Two big sized mangoes
  • Quarter cup of orange juice
  • Ice cubes
Preparation Process:
Cut the mangoes and strawberries into small cubes. Blend coconut water, mangoes, strawberries, orange juice and ice cubes together in the blender till every ingredient gets incorporated and a fine juice forms.

Enjoy this healthy and fine tasting drink!

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