Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saag Recipe

Mustard leaves are known as a saag in Hindia. This dish is prepared by adding spinach, potatoes, paneer, chicken and many other greens. The use of different spices makes this dish spicy and delicious.

Punjab is known for this dish where it is called sarson ka saag. It is relished with makki ki roti and butter in the breakfast. Whey is a drink that is commonly served with saag dish. Sagg is a rare dish for northern Indians and when they enjoy it, it is not less than a treat for them. Saag is usually cooked with the addition of bathua and spinach that make this food full of Vitamin A. In India, this dish is specially prepared at the event of Baisakhi. Saagis also prepared in restaurants as a very special dish.

If you cook sagg with chicken, you cannot imagine the taste of it. It is really a fantastic combination that makes this food highly nutritious and healthy. You can enjoy this dish with homemade bread. It is enjoyed with plain rice that is frequently cooked in Indian houses. Go for this recipe, hopefully you would find a very new taste of saag.

  • Chicken pieces (one kg, skinless)
  • Peppercorns (five)
  • Mustard leaves (three large bunches)
  • Spinach (one bunch)
  • Vegetable cooking oil (three tablespoons)
  • Garam masala (one tablespoon, powder)
  • Cloves (four)
  • Cardamom (four pods)
  • Onions (two large sized, finely chopped)
  • Ginger (one tablespoon, paste)
  • Garlic (two tablespoon, paste)
  • Coriander (1 teaspoon, powder)
  • Tomatoes (two medium sized, finely chopped)
  • Cumin (one teaspoon, powder)
Preparation method
  1. Take three bunches of mustard leaves; separate its leaves and stalks. Peel the stalks and choose the fresh leaves only. Take a handful of peeled stalks and cut as finely as you can. If you have cut all the stalks, cut the leaves also finely. You should also cut the spinach leaves in it. However, spinach stalks are never added with saag or spinach leaves.

  2. Put these cut leaves into clean water tub, wash them by changing its water two or three times then put them in colander and pass the running water over them.

  3. Add few cups of water in skillet and put saag leaves in it. Slow down the flame in the beginning however when saag start to leave its own water, medium the flame. Saag leaves take much time so put them on stove few hours before preparation.

  4. After five to six hours, check its leaves by press with your finger. If they are done, remove them and grind them in a food processor.

  5. Take a frying pan, pour oil and fry the chicken pieces in it. Mind it, wash the chicken and let it dry properly or else the water drops will make the oil drops to pop out.

  6. Remove the chicken pieces in some dish.

  7. You can use the same oil if it is not burned for preparing the sauce. Add onions and saute them. Add spices when the onions are light brown. Then, add tomatoes, stir and saute till they are disappeared.

  8. Add fried chicken and cook for few minutes after adding one cup of water in it. When it is done, add grinded saag. Your delicious saag is ready that you can relish with roti or rice.

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