Saturday, September 15, 2012


Labneh is a famous cheese originated in the Middle East. It is made out of yogurt which requires quite less efforts. It can be used in making cheesecakes and sandwiches and can be eaten without complementing with any other thing. It contains in it a high portion of fat and protein and 70 calories in its one serving. There can be several ways of making it but down are two easiest ones.

Method 1

  • 250 grams yogurt
  • Muslin cloth
Preparation process:
Cover a deep strainer with the muslin cloth and pour the yogurt over it. Let the excess water drain out. Then take all the corners of the cloth, gather them, bind them with a knot, hang it somewhere and keep a bowl beneath it so that the excess water gets stored in the bowl. After four hours, open the knot and take out Labneh.

Method 2

  • 500 grams yogurt
  • Half teaspoon salt
  • Quarter cup olive oil
Preparation Process:
Mix salt in the yogurt and pour the yogurt over muslin cloth spread over a strainer so that extra water gets drained. Hang the muslin cloth and take the cheese out after four hours. Mix olive oil in it and keep in the fridge.

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Samantha said...

The recipe sounds delicious need to try soon.