Saturday, October 06, 2012

Aloo Methi recipe

Aloomethi is an excellent combination of two vegetables. It is a Punjabi recipe having fabulous taste added by different ingredients. You can taste together the softness of potatoes and bitterness of mehti in a single dish. It is not too much spicy as minimum quantity of spices is used in this dish.

The addition of butter or cream in this recipe increases the taste of this food. It is nutritious food as both the vegetables offers good number of calories.

  • Methi leaves-two bunch
  • Butter-two tablespoon
  • Potatoes-four in number
  • Red chili powder-half teaspoon
  • Turmeric powder-half teaspoon
  • Green chili-one, diced
  • Salt-according to taste
  1. Methi has small leaves attached with tender stems. Its stems are rooted out directed from the earth so they are muddy. For cooking purposes, you should pluck the leaves and discard stems. If you add stems, your dish would be extremely bitter and they will also spoil the taste of other ingredients as well.

  2. To clear the mud completely form mehti leaves, you should put them in clean kitchen small tub water. Wash them twice and drain then in a colander. Pass running water again over the colander. This washing process will completely remove the mud from your vegetable.

  3. After washing, you should use knife to chop the leaves or place them in food processor. If you want that its leaves do not mix up, do not chop the leaves very finely. However, if you have an intention to cook them in a paste form, use food process for chopping. After mehti, wash potatoes also, dry and chop them in slices or square cubes. However, the shape of potatoes depends upon your choice.

  4. Take some cooking skillet with sufficient capacity and pour oil or butter in it. Put it on medium flame and let the fat heat up.

  5. Add sliced potatoes in heated oil. Slow down the flame and let it cook for three to four minutes. Keep on stirring the ladle so that they do not stick with the bottom of the skillet.

  6. As the potatoes sauté, you should add methi leaves in the oil and stir both methi and potatoes. Sauté it also for two minutes and add salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder and green chilies.

  7. Stir the entire ingredients to mix up them well. You should not cover the pan with lid. Allow the vegetable cook on medium heat.

  8. You will see that after few minutes, methi start to leave water then you should lower down the flame. Let it cook for more five minutes.

  9. Ladle the vegetable after every three to four minutes to check its condition.

  10. Potatoes take more cooking time as compared to methi. If the water of methi is dried before the cooking of potatoes, you should add water in it. Do not add more water than one cup in it or else it water will mix up both methi and potatoes and make a paste of both.

  11. Add butter in the vegetable before turning off the stove. Mix butter well to highlight its fabulous taste.

  12. You can enjoy this recipe with roti, naan or parathas.

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