Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Baingan Bharta Recipe

Eggplant is very tasty vegetable which is consumed by veggies in variety of ways. It can be added in many vegetables and even you can add it into meat. This nutritious food is found in different colors and shapes accessible in different parts of India. However, dark purple round shaped eggplants are more in use.

Bainganbharta is one of the eggplant’s variations that are very much popular in Punjab. It is served with other dishes as a side dish. Sometimes, if you are tired and do not want to cook long recipe, you should go for it to relish delicious food in short time.

BainganBharta Ingredients
  • Eggplant- one big sized and fat
  • Tomatoes-2 medium sized
  • Green capsicum-half cup, diced
  • Green chili-one in number
  • Ginger-quarter inch piece
  • Oil-three tablespoons
  • Asafetida-Pinch
  • Cumin-one teaspoon
  • Coriander powder-one teaspoon
  • Turmeric-half teaspoon
  • Red chili-half teaspoon
  • Salt-one teaspoon
  • Garam masala-quarter teaspoon
  • Cilantro-two tablespoon, diced, for garnishing
Method of cooking
  1. Take one big sized eggplant, wash it and dry it. Put it in microwave for ten minutes. However, in case of oven usage, you should preheat it and then place eggplant in it. But if you do not have oven, you can also use stove for this purpose. Put washed eggplant on the stove and keep on changing its sides. Turn off the flame when its outer covering is charred. Put the charred eggplant in water and remove the outer skin of it. Wash your hands and eggplant with clean water and put it aside.

  2. Dice eggplant into pieces.

  3. Cut green chili, tomatoes and ginger into pieces. Put them together and grind them well.

  4. Take a frying pan, pour oil in it and let it become hot. Put the balls of pepper in it, stir them and sauté them. Remove them from the pan when they are fried. Mind it, sautéing should not take more than one minute or else they will burn.

  5. Pour little more oil like one teaspoon and heat it. To check whether the oil is appropriately heated or not, only throw one seed of cumin in it. The spluttering of seed will tell you that oil is heated and ready for use. Now you should add cumin seeds and asafetida.

  6. As the cumin seeds splutter, you should add turmeric, salt, coriander powder and tomato puree. Give this mixture few minutes to cook and wait till it leaves the oil. Whenever you prepare some sauce and not know how to judge that it is ready, then you should keep in mind that if the oil separates from the masala, it is fully ready.

  7. Put eggplant pieces in the prepared masala. Keep on stirring and let it cook for few minutes. It will not take much time as it is already cooked while charring process. You should keep the flame slow so that eggplant piece could absorb the masala well. High flame will burn the masala soon and it will not penetrate properly.

  8. Let this mixture take ten minutes for cooking.

  9. Now add fresh cliantro, pepper and garam masala into this mixture and blend mildly.

  10. Your delicious Bharta is ready to relish so enjoy it with naan or roti.

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