Monday, December 03, 2012

Indian sweets recipes

Sweets are the source of representing happiness, delights, celebrations, love, joy and excitement. No good news, no occasion is complete when it is not complemented with sweets. Our stomach also asks for some sweet after having lunch or dinner. Sweets in high quantity can definitely be dangerous for health but decent amounts can treat one’s sweet tooth without any damage. Indian cuisine is full with hundreds of delightful sweets and desserts. The main ingredient found commonly in the Indian sweets recipe is khoya (milk cheese). This ingredient is commonly available in the market and can be easily made in homes as well. Boil the milk and pour lemon juice or vinegar in it. Cheese and the water will get separated. Strain the cheese in muslin cloth and have your khoya ready in four hours by hanging it at some height.

Some of the delightful names of Indian sweets are jalebi, barfi and laddoo and under these names are made hundreds of varieties. Jalebi is made with all purpose flour, semolina, cardamom powder, yogurt, baking powder and water mixture and frying it in the round patterns and then dipping it in the sugar water. Barfi is made with mixing khoya, sugar and the nuts powder and then freezing it. Laddo are made mainly with Bengal gram flours and other flours as well. Some sweets need to be deeply fried. Sugar water is really important for all of them as it keeps them fixed and sweet.

One thing which you must keep in your mind is that you cannot be perfect in making sweets in just the beginning. Sweets making needs a lot of practice and time. Those who have followed this profession by inheriting it from their families are the best sweet makers all over the India. So, try the tested recipes being adopted from the, practice and on day you will be perfect at making Indian sweets recipes.

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