Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Recipes with bread

Whose fridge never carries bread in it? It is quite commonly found breakfast item usually present in every home every time round the year. So what are the other uses of bread then complementing it with butter for breakfast? The plus points which recipes with bread carry are that they are quite quick and easy to make. Second, they are taste very delicious and add a new variety at the snack time. If you are starving and want to make something very quickly and tasteful then beat one egg. Add salt, red chili flakes, ajwaen and haldi in it. Cut the triangles of bread, dip them in the egg and fry them in a little oil. Spicy triangles will be ready in minutes. If you want to make some quick desserts then three desserts made with bread are quite popular. One is shahi tudka in which bread triangles are fried in oil and then are added to the cooked milk, khoya and sugar mixture and are topped with almonds and raisins. Next is bread halwa in which bread is mashed and cooked with milk, khoya, almonds and sugar. The last dessert which can be served as snack or lunch box item is French toast. Eggs are beaten with sugar and then bread is fried after dipping in the egg mixture. Other variations in French toast includes blue berry French toast and strawberry French toast which are made with same recipes with only exception of the respective fruits’ sauce with which the French toasts are topped. These recipes are the tested ones and are loved by whole of the family.

As far as the calories of bread are concerned, the two bread slices are equal to one chapatti (Indian styled bread). Thus, it may be not a good idea for those who are on diet to eat it. For them the ‘‘bran bread’‘ is suitable because it comes with fewer calories. However, the division of the bread according to the nutritious factors shows that bread contains a major proportion of carbohydrates which is 73% and fewer of fats that is 11%. 13% is the proportion of proteins and a loaf of bread fulfills the daily requirement of the fiber up to 28 grams. So, explore the recipes with bread and enjoy eating them.

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