Friday, December 21, 2012

Recipes with dates

Dates are denoted as fruits as they grow on the trees of dessert and sandy areas. This fruit is called the ''fruit of life'' because of its remarkable medical benefits. These advantages are outnumbered and need a lot of pages to quote. However, some prominent advantages include the cure of intestinal disturbances and control of the LDL cholesterol, if soaked overnight and its water drunk then it heals the heart diseases and weakness. Diseases regarding metabolism digestion and anemia are also cured through it. Those mothers who chew dates at the time of delivering baby find a reduction in the pain. It is also good for those mothers who are breast-feeding their babies.

You can try a lot of recipes with dates. Make date shake by grinding dates, milk, cream, sugar and vanilla ice cream. It is made quite rich and creamy. You can make date sweets by mixing grinded sweets with grinded biscuits, cream, sugar and almonds. Then shaping it as the shape of capsules and wrapping it in the butter papers. You can also make dates halwa by heating the ghee with cardamoms. Then, adding blended dates in it and sugar and grated coconuts and khoya. Transfer it to a mold. When halwa gets a bit cool cut it into your desired shape and top them with the whipped cream. Adding dates to kheer and sheer also enhances their taste. If you love baking then you can add dates in the cakes to make dates cake. You can also make sates brownies by following the same recipe as of chocolate brownies with the exception of adding dates in the place of chocolate. Dates biscuits can also be made. A very easy recipe which is a must-try is whip the cream till it gets double. Slit the dates from centre, take out the seed and fill in the cream with either spoon or piping bag and chill the dates. This will enhance the taste of the dates.

Dates are something that is equivalent to complete diet. If you are not having time to eat or you are starving at a wrong time then take two dates. They will fill up your tummy like bread will do. Many kinds of dates are available in the market, whether dried or fresh. Buy what you like and try recipes with dates.

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