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The word fennel is used in English for saunf. This word is derived from Latin that means "hay." Sauf is a hard herb that has feathery leaves and yellow flowers. Mediterranean shores are considered to be the native land of saunf herb where they were found grown first. But now its growth is not limited to that area rather it is found in the various sea shores of the world. Due to its pleasing aroma it is used in many dishes and its curing properties give it importance in the medical world.

Myth about saunf
The myth related to saunf is very interesting. In ancient times, people had a strong belief in witches and witchcraft. The witches were considered responsible for every disaster and catastrophe. They used to suspect their neighbours involved in witchcraft so to protect their family member and home from the mischief of witches, they put the stalks of saunf over the roofs of their houses.

Medical Importance of saunf
Saunf is widely used in various foods and cuisines of different cultures. It is also used in medicines because it is blessed with many curing properties. It does not have any side effect so you can take it without any doubt. It has following uses.
  • If you are suffering from bad breath, you should chew one spoon of saunf after each meal. It is best breath freshener.
  • Boil saunf in water and give this liquid to the babies who are suffering from colic.
  • It regulates the menstrual irregularities.
  • Add few seeds of saunf in your tea. It will console your indigestion and constipation.
  • Saunf is good for the motivation of breast milk.
  • Its infusion is an effective eye wash.
  • Saunf's oil is used to give pleasant smell to soap.
  • It is also used to keep away the fleas and to neutralize the poison of snake.
Nutritional value of Saunf Saunf is highly nutritious herb as its 100 gram has 345 calories. It has Sodium 88mg 3%, Total Carbohydrates 52g 17%, Saturated Fat 0g 2%, Dietary Fiber 40g, Cholesterol 0mg 0%, Sugars 0g and Total Fat 15g 22%. It has also Calcium 119%, Protein 16g 31%, Iron 103%, Vitamin C 35% and Vitamin A 2%. The use of saunf in foods Saunf is used in different foods for its medical importance and unique aroma. It is not only used in Indian foods but also in the food of other cultures. It is used in different sorts of curries and gravies. These seeds are an essential ingredient of desserts. They are used in peda, sweet rice and many other dishes. Facts about Saunf Saunf works to make the fish's smell run away if you apply its powder on the fish before cooking. Saunf seeds are used to give flavor to sardines and mullet and to increase the hunger. It enhances the taste of salamis and sausages. These seeds are also frequently used to reduce the fatty impact of rich foods like pork.

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