Wednesday, December 21, 2011

French beans

French beans are immature, young or unripe fruit of any kind of bean like the hyacinth bean, the winged bean and the yardlong bean. There are special types of French beans called "Common beans" whose pods in the northeastern United States are termed as string beans. The common beans are also known as snap beans. In American and British English, the French beans are identified by the names "Green beans" and "Runner beans" respectively.

In French green beans are known as Haricots verts. The French beans are thinner and longer than the typical American beans. A number of varieties of green beans have been introduced for best sweetness, flavor and fleshiness of pods.

In 1894, Calvin Keeney first time introduced the "stringless" beans breed. After this he became famous and people started to know him by the name "The father of stringless beans".

Cooking use
Green beans are found almost all over the world. In markets they are available fresh, canned and frozen. The green beans are frequently baked in oven dishes, crackpots or in casseroles, stir-fried, steamed or boiled. In United States, a dish of green beans that is green bean casserole is very popular. At thanksgivings, the use of green bean casserole is very common that consists of French fried onions, green beans and cream of mushroom soup.

In USA, battered and fried green beans are served in restaurants. At Japanese restaurants in United States, green bean tempura is presented. Green beans are marketed in both forms fried and dried with vegetables like peas, carrots and corn. Beans have great quantity of Lectins that may cause if taken raw for long time.

Pole beans and bush beans are the two main groups of green beans. Bush beans are small in height and grow without any support. They become mature very early and start producing fruit. Their quick fruit ripening provides the gardeners the opportunity to grow them more than one time in a season.

Fitness benefits of Green beans
  • They have low calories with no fat however it has plenty of minerals and vitamins.

  • The 100g of fresh beans has 9% of dietary fiber that protects the outer membrane of colon. It also protects the colon from the substance that causes cancer. It is too helpful in decreasing the blood cholesterol.

  • Beans have good amount of vitamin A and many other health improving components like beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. They are beneficial for many diseases and act as an anti-aging agent.

  • Pregnant women must take fresh green beans as they give hand in cell division and DNA synthesis. They protect the tube from developing any neural-tube defects in the new born.

  • Fresh beans have thiamin, vitamin-C and vitamin-B6. Vitamin C rich foods are very good for infection protection.

  • They have also minerals like potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese and calcium. All these minerals support the metabolism. Potassium is very essential mineral because it regulates the blood pressure and heart beat rate while manganese is very strong free radical scavenger.

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