Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mushroom Curry

Nowadays there are so many variations cooked in vegetables that they are no more boring to eat. Mushrooms are known to tasteless but not in Indian kitchens. Mushroom curry is the spicy and mouthwatering gravy which made with mushrooms and has made eating mushrooms exotic. There can be so many recipes of making mushroom curry but below one is the easiest one and the taste is guaranteed.

For making paste:
  • Quarter bunch of fresh mint leaves (poodeena)
  • Quarter bunch of fresh coriander leaves (dhania)
  • One big sized tomato
  • One big sized onion
  • Four to five Cashew nuts (optional)
  • Green chilies as much liked or three will be enough
Preparation Process:
Chop the tomato and onion finely into cubes. Add all the ingredients with a little amount of water in the grinder and grind till a thick paste forms.

Other required ingredients:
  • One cup of mushrooms
  • Quarter teaspoon of rai (mustard seeds)
  • Quarter teaspoon of jeera (cumin seeds)
  • One teaspoon of red chilli powder (laal mirch powder)
  • Salt as per requirement
  • Quarter cup of oil
Preparation process:
Heat the oil in a pan and add jeera and rai. Cook them until they start cracking and an aroma rises. Add mushrooms then and cook until they starts getting tender. After that, add the grounded paste together with salt and red chilli and quarter cup of water and cook until the oil starts coming on the surface. This is the sign that your mushroom curry is ready. Take it out in the serving dish. It compliments greatly with white boiled rice and raita.

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