Sunday, February 12, 2012

khichdi Recipe

It is most simple dish with two main ingredients, lentils and rice. khaichdi is very old dish that is considered the result of Anglo-Indian dish's, Kedgeree, inspiration. It is famous all over the India and you would not find any state of India where it is not cooked. However, few states are in frequent use of it like Bengal, Gujarat and Maharashtra where this dish is given the name of khichhuri. Rice and lentils is the simplest form of khichdi however it can be cooked by adding different vegetables to enhance its taste and flavor.

Each ingredient gives its share to make this food nutritious. Khichadi has carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, proteins and fat. Nutritious value of this dish can be increased by adding vegetables in it. You can have it plain or make it spicy by adding different spices of India. Variation in the food can be brought according to demand like children do not like too much spicy food but adult do therefore add the ingredients accordingly.

The ingredients of khichadi are few in number that makes this dish very cheap. You do not need to spend more on this delicious food.
  • Basmati rice (white, one cup, washed and soaked)
  • Lentils (Yellow, one cup, washed and soaked)
  • Oil (One teaspoon)
  • Cumin seeds (half teaspoon)
  • Water (almost four cups)
  • Salt (according to taste)
How to Prepare
  1. Choose the large cooking pot with heavy bottom that could facilitate you to cook lentils and rice together.

  2. Pour the oil and let it heat.

  3. Put cumin seeds in heated oil to splutter.

  4. Add soaked rice and lentils in oil and mix them well with cumin seeds.

  5. Add four cups of water, salt and stir once only.

  6. After one boil, slow down the flame, lid the pot and let it cook till the rice are fully prepared.

  7. Sprinkle diced coriander before serving. Present it with plain yogurt.

Things to Know
  • Wash the rice and lentils before cooking.

  • Soak lentils and rice at least one hour before cooking.

  • Do not soak rice for long time or else you cannot get expected results. Rice grains do not separate rather glue with each other.

  • Add salt in water, stir it and then check salty taste. If it is not according to requirement, add more because you cannot add salt after the completion of dish.

  • Do not stir rice time and again.

  • You should not pour cool yogurt on hot rice rather wait till rice cool down.

  • You can cook this dish in pressure cooker however it needs little time as compared to pot cooking.

  • This dish is usually given to the patients of loose motions however if you are going to cook it for healthy people, you have an option to add vegetables in it like cauliflower, potatoes etc.

  • It is a best food for your very small baby of six months. If you want to add khachdi in your child's diet, mash it properly.

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