Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rasgulla Recipe

The recipe of rasgulla was introduced by Orissa however its name was "Khirmohan" then. The name of the dish changed with the passage of time and become rasgulla from Khirmohan.

Among the desserts rasgulla has prominent place that is liked by Indians a lot. It is prepared with milk and chenna that make this recipe healthy and tasty. This dish can be enjoyed when it is cold. You can preserve it for few days in your refrigerator however there is no match for the taste of fresh rasgullas.

It is very high calorie food as its 100 grams provide you 186 calories. It has 153 calories of carbohydrates, protein 4 grams and fat 1.85 grams.

  • Chenna (one recipe)
  • Sugar (five cups)
  • Plain flour (one teaspoon for dusting)
  • Plain flour (two teaspoon besides dusting)
  • Milk (half cup)
  • Water (three cups)

Preparation Process

Resgulla bolls
  1. You need 16 balls of chenna so divide it in such a way that it could give you desired number of balls. The process of ball formation demands extra care.

  2. Spread the flour dust at the back part of plate and put the entire balls on it.

Sugar syrup
  1. Place a big pot on a flame; add water, sugar and milk. Keep on stirring the mixture till sugar crystals completely dissolve themselves.

  2. Let it boil because this process purifies the syrup from sugar impurities that come on the surface at the boiling time. When you feel that the purification process has started, slow down the flame and let all impurities join the surface.

  3. After some time, add one cup water from the sides and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Then, remove the thick grey layer with the help of ladle.

  4. You need to purify it more therefore add one cup of water more in it and then remove the layer that would again appear.

  5. Let your syrup boil for 2-3 minute on high flame then turn off the stove and put it aside.

Follow up
  1. Take a cup and make flour solution by adding three parts of water into two teaspoon of flour.

  2. Boil the syrup again and put chenna balls in it. Do not put these balls into syrup with hands rather turn the plate into it.

  3. After putting balls, add the solution that you have formed with water and flour to make a layer. Constantly sprinkle the water to make foam.

  4. Rasgulla will take 15 minutes to cook however to confirm it's ripen form; throw one rasgulla ball into cold water. Cooked resgualla will sink down in the water.

  5. Turn off the stove.

  6. Take out rasgulla balls with porous ladle and put on towel papers that would absorb its extra oil.

  7. Do not touch them for 3-4 hours till they cool sufficiently.

  8. You can garnish your rasgulla with sweet almond or some other dry fruit to enhance its taste.

  9. You can serve it with evening tea or after dinner as a dessert.

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