Friday, February 24, 2012

Nan khatai Recipe

The recipe of Nan khatai is being tried since the age of Anglo-Indian however that time this recipe was given the name of "Nuncatie". The mother city of this recipe is Surat of Gujarat. It is said that this recipe was originated by Dutch traders who were trading in Surat. Its beginning and shape ingredients were different than present one. It was liked by the poor Indians a lot.

Nan khatai is very tasty recipe that is specially enjoyed by children. Old people also love to have it as it is not hard to chew especially when served fresh and after the few minutes of baking. They have taste like biscuits. Its ingredients and method of cooking make it healthy. Fried foods are heavy and difficult to digest however there is no oil used in this recipe. You can serve it to your guest as a dessert. It gives more good taste with tea.

Nutrition Facts
Khatai recipe shows good number of calories as its one serving gives you 150 calories. It has fat, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Iron, Vitamin A, Calcium and Vitamin C.

  • Plain flour (one by third part of cup)
  • Baking soda (a pinch)
  • Semolina (one by third part of cup)
  • Gram flour (half cup)
  • Cardamom (quarter teaspoon, finely powdered)
  • Almond (one tablespoon, sliced)
  • Butter (half cup, without salt)
  • Pistachio (one tablespoon, sliced)
  • Sugar (two parts of cup)
  1. Oven is needed during the preparation method therefore you should heat it up even before starting at 375 degree.

  2. In a large bowl add baking soda, sooji, flour, gram flour, cardamom powder and mix them all.

  3. Add sugar and butter into mixture and whisk them to form fluffy batter. You can beat it with hand or use beater for it. However, beater consumes less time and beats well as compared to hand beating.

  4. Pour flour, mix all the ingredients well and knead the infusion. The mixture should not too hard or too smooth because in both the cases it would be difficult to shape and bake khatai.

  5. You will get smooth dough through kneading then make 24 balls with dough. Make these balls carefully to prevent the dough balls from getting any crack or damage.

  6. Put a ball at the center of palm and press lightly to give circular shape.

  7. To fix the pistachios and almonds into the dough, make some design on the surface of dough and press them in it. These nuts will also give crunchy taste when they will be baked with dough.

  8. Grease the cookie sheet, place Nan khatai over it and bake them for 15 minutes. Do not try to bake the dough without greasing or else all the dough will stick with sheet and you would not be able to remove it from sheet surface.

  9. Their light golden brown color is an indication of this thing that they are ready. Do not remove the sheet immediately rather wait till they cool down.

  10. Your lovely Nan khatai recipe is ready to serve.

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