Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paratha recipe

The word paratha is made up of two words, parat and atta. Parat means "layers" and atta means "dough" so; paratha is layered dough that is prepared with oil or ghee coating. The recipe of paratha originated from Indian subcontinent.

There is plain paratha as well as stuffed. It is enjoyed in both ways however the stuffing peaks the taste of plain paratha. It can be stuffed with any vegetable or meat. The parathas prepared with olive oil enhances the taste and makes this food healthy.

Nutrition Facts
Stuffed paratha cooked with olive oil provides you 82 calories with 2g total fat.

Ingredients for the Dough
  • Flour (500 grams)
  • Salt (according to taste)
  • Water (warm)
  • Milk (one cup)
Ingredients for the Filling
  • Masala Kheema (500 grams)
  • Olive oil or ghee (for frying paratha)
  • Eggs (three)
Preparation Method
  1. Prepare a sauce and sauté minced meat in it to ready a filling for paratha.

  2. Take a bowl, put flour in it and add almost quarter teaspoon salt in it for taste. Start dripping the milk with one hand and mix up with other hand. If flour is not mixed up with milk, use water for it. Knead the flour till it is turned into smooth and soft dough. Wash your hands with water and rub wet hand over the surface of dough. Wet some clean cloth and spread over the dough for 12-15 minutes.

  3. Take three eggs, beat them, add salt in and put them aside.

  4. Make medium sized balls and flat them. Flour the surface where you are to give these balls circular shape. Floured surface prevents the dough to stick with the surface. Make the circle of 4 inches of each dough ball, put minced fried meat in the middle of it, link the entire vacant corners at the central point and seal them with your hand. You will get ball shape again.

  5. Flat the stuffed ball with your hands and roll it with rolling pin to form 6 inches circle. Make all the circles in the same way however it is necessary to separate them. Use plastic sheet to keep them separate and safe from sticking with each other. You can also preserve them for few days.

  6. Lit the medium flame under the griddle and let it hot. Put the rolled paratha on griddle. You will see that after few seconds, small bubbles of dough start appearing on circle's surface. As these bubbles appear, change its side and drip the oil over it. Smear both the sides of dough with oil and let them become light brown. Slow down the flame as you griddle the circled dough to avoid the burning.

  7. Now smear both the sides of oiled circle with whisked eggs. When eggs' coating swells, you understand that stuffed paratha is ready.

Paratha is always enjoyed in breakfast so you can serve it with chutney. If you make strong tea with it, you can double its taste. Many people love to have it with fresh cream or pickle.

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