Monday, February 06, 2012

Payasam Recipe

India has so many specialties and among these, Indian sweet cuisines is one for which it is famous through the world. In almost all the desserts, nuts are used and you may know that Indian is also well known for its nuts that are used by the world. They are reckoned as best quality nuts and preferred to use in all types of desserts. If you peep into the mist of history, you would find that Indian cuisines had special place in history. It had been adopted by Europeans that is the evidence of their popularity.

Payasam is one of delicious desserts that can be cooked with maximum variations by involving different ingredients and methods of preparation. The addition or deletion of ingredients is responsible for certain taste and flavor. The mentioned method of payasam recipe results very delicious dish enjoyed by dessert lovers.

The ingredients of this dish: milk, raisins, butter, hair pasta, cardamom and cashew nuts make this recipe highly nutritious and vigorous. The use of nuts in this dish adds crunchy taste in it. It is easy to cook and takes less preparation time.

Nutrition Fact
This recipe gives high number of calories as its single serving provides 300 calories. It provides calories from Fat 2,250.0, Sodium 0mg 0%, Cholesterol 0mg 0%, Total Fat 250g 384%, Protein %, Saturated Fat 0g 0%, Sugars 0g, Total Carbohydrate 1g 0%, Protein 0g 0%, Carbs 0.2%, Dietary Fiber 0g 0% and Fat 99.8%.

The ingredients are few in number however all are economical, healthy and nutritious. They are easily available.
  • Butter without salt (two teaspoon)
  • Ghee (one teaspoon)
  • Milk (four cups)
  • Hair pasta (one cup, broken into pieces)
  • Sugar (three parts of cup)
  • Water( two cups)
  • Raisins (half cup, golden or dark raisins)
  • Cardamom (quarter teaspoon, grounded)
  • Cashew nuts (broken and raw, half cup)
  1. Take a frying pan with sufficient capacity, pour one teaspoon of gee and heat it slightly.

  2. Add pasta and keep on stirring till it browns. It should be roasted not burnt. Keep it aside when they give specific roasted aroma.

  3. Take another pan, heat water and milk in it on medium flame. When this mixture is boiled, add pasta that you have roasted and put aside. Let the pasta cook for five to six minutes or it may take more time if needed.

  4. Pasta needs constant stirring or else they stick quickly with the bottom of the pan. When the water in which it is placed, becomes creamy and thick, you should understand that pasta is almost ready.

  5. Take a small pan, heat oil; add cashews and raisins in it. Sauté them till they become of light brown color.

  6. Put these sauté nuts and cardamom into the boiling milk. Stir the mixture for few seconds then turn off the stove.

  7. Cool the dish for two or more hours. If somebody likes hot dish, you can reheat it before serving.

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