Monday, March 12, 2012

Jalebi Recipe

Jlebi is basically a Persian sweet dish however so many other countries like Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan like it and often tried it. In India, jabali is associated with celebrations like it is made at home or ordered when there is Republic Day, Independence Day or defence Day. It is also relished in offices when the worker and officers have mood of fun. Jalebi is put in milk and serve hot in Pakistan. This method is adopted also as a headache remedy.

The shape of this sweet is totally different than other sweets and you may wonder how it assumes such shape. It is not hard to made jalebi at home. Its batter is fried and then dipped into sugar syrup to inject sugary taste in these tubes. It is the specialty of India that you can serve to your foreigner friends if ever they visit you. You can also serve them even if you visit them by making it with your own hands in your kitchen. Try the given recipe and enjoy the amazing response of your foreigner friends.

Nutritional Facts
Without sugar syrup, jalebi has 242 calories when its serving size is 804 gram. It has:
  • Protein : one gram
  • Total fat: 24.3 gram
  • Carbohydrate: 5.7 gram
  • Cholesterol : 62.7mg
  • Rice flour (one and a half tablespoon)
  • Curd (two tablespoon)
  • Flour (two cups, flour used for all purpose)
  • Water (two and a half cups)
  • Baking powder (quarter teaspoon)
  • Sugar (three cups)
  • Vegetable or ghee oil ( for frying, according to need)
  • Cardamom ( half teaspoon, powdered)
How to make Jalebi
  1. Take a large bowl, put rice flour, curd, baking powder and flour in it. Mix all the things well.

  2. Mix all the ingredients with water and use beater to make smooth paste.

  3. Leave this infusion untouched for 2 or 2 and half hours.

  4. After two hours, beat the batter again before using it.

  5. Now you need to prepare syrupfor jalebi so make the solution of water and sugar.

  6. When you feel that syrup is about to ready, add cardamom powder also in it.

  7. Take a pan with heavy bottom, pour oil in it and let it heat up.

  8. Pour the paste you have prepared in such a way that it takes coils shape.

  9. You can make four or five coils at time in a pan. For this purpose, you should select the pan with sufficient capacity that could easily accommodate three or four coils in it.

  10. These coils need to be fried deeply however let them become brown but not dark brown.

  11. If you want crispy taste, let your coils get little bit dark brown color.

  12. When they change their color, take them out and put on kitchen paper.

  13. Dip these coils into syrup and leave them in it for 5 minutes so that they absorb the sugar nicely.

  14. After five minutes, take them out with the help of porous ladle and put on paper towel.

  15. Your delicious, sugary and mouthwatering jalebi is ready.

  16. Serve it hot with tea or you can add it in lukewarm milk.

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