Sunday, May 06, 2012

Bajra roti

Bajra roti, that is bread made by pearl millet, is the dish which is originated by Rajasthani homes. The specialty of this roti is that this is cooked over cow dung cakes, which are known as danga in villages that adds an ultimate smoky flavor in the rotis. It can be complemented with any kind of vegetable but is fondly eaten with onions and lehsan (garlic) chutney.

  • 1 cup bajra ka aata (black millet or pearl millet flour)
  • One eight cup gehun ka aata (whole wheat flour)
  • One teaspoon salt
  • Ghee (fine butter) as much required
Preparation Process:
Mix all the dry ingredients with water to make fine dough. Grease your palms and make balls out of dough. Roll the balls up to medium thickness and cook over hot griddle. When brown from both sides, place one tablespoon of ghee and fry quickly and take the roti off.

Serve bajra roti hot!

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