Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tandoori Masala

Tandoori recipes are well known for their spices and a misty and smoky aroma. Tandoori masala is made with all hot and spicy ingredients and can be used for multi-dishes. If you want to make tandoori chicken then marinate chicken pieces with this masala together with lemon and a delicious tandoori chicken will be ready in minutes. You can also add this masala to biryani, karhai chicken, gravies, and spicy vegetables to enhance their taste. Following is quite easy recipe of making tandoori masala at home.

  • Two teaspoons red food color

  • One teaspoon adrak (lehsan) powder and one teaspoon grated ginger (adrak)

  • Two black cardamoms (ilaichi)

  • Four cloves (long)

  • One teaspoon black pepper seeds (kali mirch)

  • Half teaspoon nutmeg powder (jaifil)

  • Half teaspoon mace powder (javtri)

  • One stick of cinnamon (daal chini)

  • Two teaspoons cumin seeds (jeera)

  • Half teaspoon fenugreek powder (methi powder)

  • Two spoons dry coriander (sookha dhania)

Preparation Process:
Roast cloves, black pepper seeds, cumin seeds and coriander until a fine aroma starts coming. Blend all the ingredients well until they turn to a fine powder form.
Store it in air tight jar or bowl in the fridge!

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