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Malaikofta recipe

It is a typical Indian dish that is very popular among all age groups. Veggies like it a lot. It is prepared at special occasions. Koftas can be prepared by chicken, beef, lamb or potatoes. The ingredients of malaikofta recipe make it highly nutritious food.

Ingredients for the Kofta
  • Potatoes (one and half lb.)

  • Thick malai and khoya (heavy cream and baked ricotta cheese can be used as a substituent)

  • Raisins (one tablespoon)

  • Chopped cashew nuts (four or five)

  • Sugar (quarter teaspoon)

  • Finely chopped green chilies (2-3)

  • Cumin powder (one teaspoon)

  • Red-chili powder (one teaspoon)

  • Cardamom powder (half teaspoon)

  • Coriander powder (one teaspoon)

  • Salt (to Taste only)

  • Oil (for frying the koftas)

  • Cooking oil/ghee/clarified butter (three tablespoons)
For the gravy
  • Medium sized chopped onions- two
  • Crushedginger-1 inch
  • Puree of tomatoes-3 large
  • Crushedgarlic-3 flakes
  • Garam masala powder- half teaspoon
  • Cumin powder-half teaspoon
  • Red chili powder- one teaspoon
  • Powdered poppy seeds- two teaspoons
  • Sugar-half teaspoon
  • Cashew nuts/ground peanuts- one tablespoon
  • Coriander powder-half teaspoon
How to make malaikoftha
  1. Take a pan and add some water in it.

  2. Add the potatoes in the boiling water and let them boil till tender.

  3. Once you find the potatoes fully soft, remove from the flame.

  4. After the removal of potatoes from the flame, peel off the boiled potatoes properly.

  5. Smash the potatoes.

  6. Add a little amount of salt to them only to taste.

  7. Now put the mashed potatoes aside.

  8. Mix thick malai and khoya or heavy cream and baked ricotta cheese, Raisins, chopped cashew nuts, Sugar, Finely chopped green chilies, Cumin powder, Red-chili powder, Cardamom powder and Coriander powder.

  9. Make the balls of the potatoes dough and put a slight amount of prepared mixture in the middle of the each ball.

  10. Now properly close the edges and make a proper round stuff.

  11. Take a pan and add oil into it.

  12. Take the koftas one by one and deep fry them.

  13. Wait till the koftas acquire the golden brown color.

  14. Then drain and put all the koftas aside.

  15. Now it is the time to prepare the gravy.

  16. Take garlic, ginger, poppy seeds, onions and blend them all together.

  17. Take three tablespoons of oil and fry the above mixture in it till the oil starts to separate and brown color is attained.

  18. Add all the masala powders and the pureed tomatoes.

  19. Also add the ground peanuts and the sugar.

  20. Wait till the gravy becomes thick.

  21. If you want more thickness, add some malai to the gravy.

  22. Add a little amount of water if you find it necessary.

  23. Let the gravy to boil and then add the koftas to it.

  24. Heat it for a short time.

  25. Now the malaikofta is ready to serve.
Thing to remember:
Add the koftas to the gravy just before serving otherwise the koftas will become moist and the original taste will be ruined.

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