Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mysore pak recipe

Karnataka is known for so many things and one of these things is its dessert named mysore pak. This delicious dessert is prepared with chick pea, ghee and sugar.

The origin and history of this dish is really very interesting. It is said that there was a royal cook in the palace of mysore. He used to prepare very unique dishes. One day, he infused sugar, chick pea and ghee to invent a new dish. This dessert was extremely appreciated and relished by king who asked him to set a shop outside the palace. The king wanted the common people to enjoy the taste of this dessert as well. After this, the recipe of this dish became popular among the common people.

  • Besan -one by three cup
  • Sugar -three by four cup
  • Plain flour-one by three cup
  • Melted ghee-one by three cup
  • Melted ghee-three cups (for flour mixture)
Method of preparation
  1. Blend together plain and gram flour with melted ghee in medium sized bowl. Use spoon to mix the flour and pour the ghee slowly to form harmonious mixture. Put this mixture aside.

  2. Pour one by four cup water in a cooking pot and add sugar in it. Let this sugar mixture boil till one part of water is boiled.

  3. Slow down the flame and add the infusion of flour and ghee into sugar syrup. Keep on stirring it only in one direction and raise the flame to medium.

  4. Heat ghee and drip in thin stream in the middle of the mixture that you have prepared. Do not pour more than one by fourth cup of hot ghee in the mixture. You should also not raise the flame but keep it on medium flame.

  5. Do not stop stirring the mixture however slow down the flame after few seconds. You will see that while stirring this mixture will start absorbing ghee and expand after absorption.

  6. You should stir the mixture only in circular motion. As you feel that the first added ghee is absorbed fully, add more in it and keep on stirring.

  7. You are to add three cups in total in the infusion so pour this quantity gradually in the mixture. You can pour three cups of ghee in three or four steps. You can divide the total quantity of ghee in three or four parts and pour gradually. Pour second quantity of ghee when the first one is fully absorbed.

  8. Wet you hand and spray almost half teaspoon cold water over the mixture. If it gives crackling sound, you should understand that your Mysore pak is ready.

  9. Drain this mixture into some big sized plate or if you use some big tray, it will be better than plate.

  10. Let this mixture cool down for five to six minutes then create a hole in the center and pour out all the oil. The best option is colander in this regard. If you pour the mixture into it, you need not to create a hole as it will drain out itself.

  11. Divide this mixture into twelve pieces and preserve them in some container.

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