Saturday, November 24, 2012

Green Apple Recipes

A famous saying states ''an apple a day keeps the doctor away''. The main nutritional facts which an apple contains are Vitamin C, iron, potassium, caffeine and Beta-carotene. Because of the caffeine, you can replace it with tea or coffee which you take in order to keep yourself awake whole night. It will do the same work as do tea or coffee. The diseases treated with green apples are kidney stones, headaches, heart diseases, eye disorders and many more. It is quite healthy to start your day with an apple and a glass of milk. It will keep your day fresh and active and your weight and appetite proper and maintained.

You can do a lot with green apples. Green apples are famous for making fresh apple juice because of their much sweet taste as compared to the red ones. You can include them in salads and fruit chaat. Apple pie also tastes tremendous. Cook sliced apples with butter, nutmeg, cinnamon, flour and sugar and spread this mixture over the pie crust and you will have the basic apple pie ready. Apple crumble is also a very good option to make. It again needs butter, sugar, flour, apples and cinnamon and is served with cream, custard or vanilla ice cream. You can also make green apple sparkler, coriander and green apple juice and apple jam spread with green apples. Green apple vodkas are also commonly found and green apple juice is mixed with many drinks to make cocktails.

Apples are a good addition to your diet charts. One important thing which my grand ma used to tell about apples is that apples are golden in the morning, silver in the afternoon and dirt in the evening and night. These comparisons are due to the effectiveness of apples. In the morning, they are gold because they impact on the health of the eater more positively at that time, in the afternoon they do less and in the night they are useless to eat. I do not know that whether it is true or not. But the only thing which I know and will recommend is that eat apple daily and try green apple recipes to treat your sweet tooth.

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