Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hot soups recipes

Hot soups are the bounty of the winter season when cold wind blows and something hot is needed to keep oneself warm. In manor hot soups recipes, the main ingredient included is the stock of meat of which the soup is made which usually happens to be the stock of chicken. This is the only ingredients which takes some efforts in making hot soups. The best idea is to make huge quantity of stock in advance and store it in the refrigerator. Whenever you will decide making hot soup, the only need will be to take out the stock, boil it and add the remaining ingredients and the soup will be ready. You can also keep the boiled and shredded chicken in the refrigerator to have the things readymade at the time of cooking.

The simplest hot soup is chicken corn soup which is made by cooking chicken stock, boiled and shredded chicken, roughly grinded corns, salt and black pepper. The second famous hot soup is hot and sour soup which is made by cooking mix of vegetables in the stock together with chili and Soya sauces and vinegar which makes it hot, tempting and spicy. Further range of hot soups include creamy soups range such as cream of tomato soup, cream of potato soup and cream of mushroom soup and so on. These are blended soups having the main ingredients blended with cream and milk.

Hot soups are very healthy and nutritious. Chicken stock itself combats against winter and is healthy for those who are recovering from weakness. Mix salt and black pepper in chicken stock and take it hot. You will enjoy it a lot. You can complement hot soups with chili sauce, Soya sauce and green chilies dipped in vinegar. On the whole, hot soups are real treat of winter.

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