Monday, January 21, 2013

Semolina recipe

Semolina is basically an Arabic dish however it is widely relished by many cultures. It has become the part of different culture's cuisines now. It is called Smeeda instead of semolina in Moroccan Arabic. Generally, it is used to prepare pasta but it can also create flavorful bread.

Semolina can be prepared easily. It is usually enjoyed as sandwiches. You can also make this dish by yourself at home by following simple steps.

  • Semolina flour (two cups, fine)
  • White flour (two cups)
  • Salt(two teaspoon)
  • Sugar(two teaspoon)
  • Yeast (one tablespoon)
  • Vegetable oil (three tablespoon)
  • Warm water (one and a half or two cups)
  • Extra flour (for kneading)
  • Fine semolina (for brushing the loaves)
  1. First of all prepare two baking sheets. Prepare them boiling their centers or you may also dust the pans with coarse semolina.

  2. Take a large bowl and mix the white flour, semolina flour, salt and sugar in it.

  3. Mix them properly.

  4. Now with the help of a spoon or hand make a well of large size in the center of the flour mixture.

  5. Add the yeast in the well made at the center of the mixture.

  6. To dissolve the yeast, add one and half cup warm water along with the oil to the well and stir.

  7. Once the yeast is dissolved then mix all the contents with dissolved yeast. Stir it for proper mixing.

  8. Take the dough out of the bowl and put it onto a floured surface.

  9. After this, start to knead the dough.

  10. To make the dough pliable and soft, you may add a little quantity of the water or flour however you should keep one thing in your mind that does not make the dough sticky.

  11. Make the dough elastic, smooth and soft by kneading continuously for about ten minutes.

  12. Now divide the dough into two halves.

  13. Make smooth circular mound shape of each half.

  14. Take the prepared pans and put both halves into it.

  15. Cover the pan with a towel.

  16. Now keep the pan aside for about ten minutes.

  17. After ten minutes, start to flatten the dough into circular shape with the help of palm of your hand. Each half of the dough should have a thickness of about quarter inches.

  18. Use coarse or fine semolina to dust the dough.

  19. Press the semolina grains gently so that they may stick.

  20. Leave the loaves for about one hour or more by covering it with a towel.

  21. Wait till the dough rises back after you pressed it with your palm.

  22. Heat the oven at 435 Fahrenheit or 225 centigrade.

  23. Take a fork and poke the dough with it at several places.

  24. Bake it for about twenty minutes.

  25. The color of the loaves will identify its perfect baking.

  26. During the baking time, rotate the pans about halfway.

  27. Now let it to cool after transferring it to the towel-lined basket or to a rack.

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