Friday, January 18, 2013

Sliced potatoes recipe

Potatoes are the only vegetable that can be almost added in every dish. In our daily life, the use of potatoes is more than any other vegetables. In Indian cuisines, potatoes are cooked with variations by preparing different dishes from it. Every dish of potato has its own different and unique taste. The dish of scalloped potatoes has also unique and mouthwatering taste. This dish can be cooked in various ways however the recipe mentioned here is more delicious than other.

  • Butter(three tablespoon)
  • Fresh chives (one tablespoon, chopped)
  • White or yellow onion (one large sized, sliced)
  • Fresh parsley (two tablespoon, diced)
  • Russet potatoes (two medium sized, peeled and cut)
  • Bacon (two slices, cooked and cut)
  • Pepper and Salt (according to taste)
  • Parmesan cheese (half cup, grated)
  • Half milk, half cream (two and a half cups)
  • Swiss or Gruyere cheese (two and a half cup, grated)
Preparation Method
  1. The very first thing that you should do before putting yourself into actual cooking process is to preheat your oven at 350°F.Then grease the dish with butter. For greasing purpose, one and half table spoon of butter is sufficient. You can brown your potatoes with ease if you use the dish with sufficient space that must be at least 9x13 wide and large.

  2. Cover the bottom of the dish with potatoes by creating a layer of them. Dust pepper and salt over the potatoes' layer. Then make the second layer of Swiss cheese and sliced onions over the first layer of potatoes. Now put the third layer over the second one of chives and parsley. Dust the little quantity of parmesan over the third layer. Put all the layers in such a way that they do not mix up.

  3. Revise the process of layering again by putting the first layer of potatoes and then other with same sequence along with sprinkling the spices as you did before.

  4. Finish layering by putting the last layer of potatoes again. Pour half and half mixture over the top layer.

  5. As you finish your layering, cover the dish with aluminum foil. Cover it carefully and put in the preheated oven. You should give at least one hour to this infusion in the oven. Take out the dish after one hour; dust it with remaining Parmesan and Swiss cheese. Cover the dish again and put in the heated oven for further 40 minutes. The tenderness of potatoes is the indication of dish's readiness. Mind it, the potatoes should be tender not mushy and they absorb the other ingredients completely.

  6. Take out the dish from the oven and remove the foil from it. Instead of mixing the entire ingredients, take out the potatoes from one side of the dish keeping all the layers in your spoon.

  7. You can relish this yummy recipe of potatoes with rice, naan, roti or alone.

If you want to reduce the cooking time of this dish, you can parboil the potatoes. It will reduce eight minutes from the actual recipe and the remaining time will be left only 35 minutes.

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