Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vegetable Frankie

Vegetable Frankie is a roll made with vegetable filling and rolled in the puris. This delicious snack is loved by everyone. The procedure of making it is lengthy and time taking but it ends up in a really good tasting dish.

For making filling:

  • Four boiled and mashed potatoes
  • half cup boiled and mashed peas
  • Salt as per taste
  • Half teaspoon red chili powder
  • One teaspoon aamchoor
  • Half teaspoon cumin seeds powder
  • Green chilies
  • Fresh coriander leaves
  • Quarter cup grated cheddar cheese
  • One egg
  • Bread crumbs
  • Oil for deep frying
Preparation Process:
Mix every ingredient well except egg, crumbs and oil. Make semi thick rolls of the potato mixture. Beat the egg. Dip the rolls in egg, roll them in crumbs and fry them till they turn golden brown.

For making poori:

  • Two cups flour
  • One cup sooji or rava or semolina
  • One teaspoon salt
  • One tablespoon oil
  • Oil for deep frying
Preparation Process:
Mix all dry ingredients and knead them with water. Make small balls of the dough, roll them and fry them in the oil.

For making masala water:
  • Half cup water
  • Half teaspoon salt
  • Quarter teaspoon all spices powder
  • One teaspoon chili powder
  • One teaspoon aamchoor
Preparation process:
Mix all the ingredients well.

For incorporation:
  • Thinly sliced onions
  • Thinly sliced tomatoes
  • Green chilies (dipped in vinegar)
Preparation Process:
Take a poori. Spread filling over it then masala water and then onions, tomatoes and green chilies. Roll the poori. Make all Frankie with same procedure.

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