Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Rava Idli Recipe

Rava Idli food is very common Indian cuisine that is frequently relished by Indians. Rava or sooji is the main ingredient that is used in many Indian recipes. Usually, it is found in sweet dishes with many dry fruits. You may have enjoyed the halwa of sooji and may also know the only one use of sooji. It is very unusual use of sooji that is cooked with spices. Rava Idli is a salty dish of wheat sooji that is liked by everyone. It is very nutritious food as it shares the properties of wheat.

It is very easy dish that you can prepare within 30 minutes only. If all the ingredients are prepared, it will take only few cooking minutes.

Things you need
  • Wheat sooji/rava (one cup)
  • Mustard seeds (half teaspoon)
  • Ginger (half teaspoon, crushed and grated)
  • Green chilies (three to four in number, diced)
  • Chana daal (one teaspoon)
  • Soda (quarter teaspoon)
  • Carrot (three by four cup, grated)
  • Cashews (one tablespoon)
  • Coriander (three strands of leaves)
  • Coconut (two tablespoon, grated, fresh or frozen)
  • Yogurt/curd (one cup)
  • Oil (two tablespoon)
  • Salt (according to taste or need)
How to prepare
  1. Usually sooji contains impurities that must be separated before using it for cooking. Use the strainer with tight pores. Take a dry bowl and place it under the strainer. Pour sooji in the strainer and stir it. The fine grains of sooji will drop down in the dry bowl however the impurities will remain in the strainer. Impurity may be the hard uncrushed sooji grains or may be the sandy particles. Similarly, wash chana pulse before using in the dish. Separate rotten grains and select good ones. Chana pulse is too hard so you can dunk it in water for some time before use or can boil it little bit.

  2. Put deep frying pan over the stove; pour strained sooji in it and sauté it till you smell the typical roasted aroma of it. Remove the pan from the stove and put it aside.

  3. Take another frying pan, pour oil in it and let it heat up. The hot oil starts to give smoke that is clear indication of its hotness. Drop mustard seeds in hot oil and wait till they splutter. As they crackle, add the paste of ginger and sauté for few seconds. Then, add chana pulse along with green chilies. Mix the entire mixture well and sauté for one to two minutes. Turn off the stove when you feel that they are properly mixed up.

  4. Now add coconut, soda, carrot, curd, coriander leaves and blend all the ingredients well. Let this mixture untouched for 30-35 minutes.

  5. Meanwhile, prepare Idli stand for steaming and for this purpose oil the stand. Put half cashew nut and pour the mixture at its top. You know, as you remove the mixture, cashew nut will be visible at the top of Idli.

  6. 6. Now steam the idli stand for 12-15 minutes. Remove it and enjoy your hot idli dish.

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