Saturday, March 09, 2013

Tomato Gravy Recipe

Tomato gravy or sauce is one of those delicious gravies that are widely used in Indian cuisines. There are many types of tomato gravies that are the part of many vegetables and meat dishes. It is relished as a separate dish or the part of other dishes especially in pasta dishes.

It is cooked and used in many countries like NZ, UK, Australia and South Africa however outside the India; it is called 'Ketchup'. It is being used for many years in different recipes however its name appeared in Italian cookbook first time in 1790.
Tomato is highly nutritious vegetable with rich flavor and soft flesh that dissolves easily while preparing sauces or in vegetables' masalas. You can buy tomato sauce from food market that is available in cans. The variation of ingredients used in tomato sauces are commonly found so you can easily try at home. Due to same ingredient variation, tomato sauce is divided into different types. You can use these types to bring the variation in your cuisine.
Here is cheap and easy recipe for you. If you want to enjoy the taste of it, go for it.

  • Olive oil (two tablespoon)
  • Carrot (one small sized, finely chopped)
  • Onion (half, medium sized, finely cut)
  • Ground black pepper (according to taste)
  • Celery (one small stalk, finely chopped)
  • Parsley (two tablespoon, chopped)
  • Garlic (one clove, minced)
  • Basil (half teaspoon, dried)
  • Tomato (one teaspoon, paste)
  • Salt (according to taste)
  • Whole tomatoes (1 28 oz)

Method of preparation
  1. Wash the vegetables with clean water. Put them in colander so that extra water is drained because you need to use them dry. When they are fully dried, put them on chopping board. Use sharp knife to chop them finely. Cut them and put them aside.

  2. Rinse also the required number of tomatoes with water. Dry them and grind them in food process to make the paste of them. If you want to remove the skin of tomato before paste, there is an easy method for it. Stab knife in the center of tomato, turn on the stove and put this stabbed tomato over it. After one second, you will see that its outer skin will start swelling and charring. Rotate the knife to give heat the entire tomato then remove it from the stove. You need not to put it on the stove for long time as its outer skin is too tender. Remove the charred skin and then make the paste of these tomatoes.

  3. Take a large skillet, pour olive oil in it and add celery, onion, carrot and parsley. Keep the flame medium and sauté them for few seconds. Slow down the heat and lid the skillet. Let them cook for 20 minutes. You can occasionally stir the mixture to see the condition of them. They must be soft in the result of cooking.

  4. Turn the flame medium and add the garlic paste in it. You should sauté the mixture for 30 minutes after adding garlic. Now add shredded tomatoes, basil and tomato paste, pepper and salt. Let it boil for few seconds then slow the flame and let it cook for 15 minutes till it becomes thick.

  5. Your tomato sauce is ready to use in some dish.

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